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SEO Infographic

As a website owner, search engine optimisation is a must. However, it can be daunting to know where to start. This handy SEO infographic will give an overview of the main areas to consider. Breaking it down into smaller chunks can be a more manageable way of auditing your website, making a plan for optimisation and getting starting on the task. 

SEO Infographic

SEO Step-By-Step

Starting with the basics, which allow you to monitor your websites ongoing performance, through to more technical aspects, getting SEO right is a must. 

Working on one step at a time, and documenting every change you make, along with updated statistics, is the only way to know whether the changes you are making are effective. Many search engine optimisation tasks can be done in-house, and don’t require much technical know-how.

Most businesses fall-short with SEO, because of time. Search engine optimisation takes time. Not every website, or every industry is the same, and there is an element of trial and error. Documenting progress, including failures, allows you to discover the strategy that will work for your business. 

Search Engine Optimisation for Beginners

There is plenty of how-to guides, blogs and articles online about SEO. This search engine optimisation infographic is a great starting point for further research and planning if you want to manage SEO and all related tasks in house. 

If you don’t have the time, man-power, or are concerned that your technical knowledge isn’t up to scratch we can help with our dedicated SEO services. An initial site-audit can point you in the right direction. We can give you some basic search engine optimisation tutorials enabling you to do it yourself. Or we can take care of the technical aspects, leaving the easier on-page SEO to you. We can of course also do it all if you prefer. If you need help with search engine optimisation you can rely on Tinks Digital.