Content Creation

Content is a vital element on any website, and even more so if you want your website to rank well with Google and other search engines. “Content is King” is a phrase that has been used lots over the years. Creating unique, informative content is the best way to get your website noticed by the search engines. Don’t have time to write case studies or blog posts relating to your business. No problem we can take the hassle out of content creation, and even post it directly to your website if you choose. 

Add Content to Your Existing Site

Whether you need to update the information about a current part of your business, or you need content about a new service for your website, we can create bespoke content to meet your requirements. From a single page to a multi-page document there is no job too large or small. We can simply write the text for you, or even upload it to your existing website if required, along with images and other features to ensure it looks great and sells your business.

Case Studies or Portfolio

Has your business worked on a large or high profile project? Have you used a new technique or simply done a job you are really proud of? Then use your website to tell potential clients about your achievements through case studies. We can write one-off case studies or multiple depending on your requirements. Case-studies really are a fantastic way to show off your business to new and potential clients. Don't miss out on this opportunity, and add a portfolio of your work to your website today.

Blog Posts

Content is king. Posting informative, useful posts on your website is a fantastic way to attract new users to your site as well to boost your sites performance in the search engines. Answering a question a potential client may be asking by performing a Google search, is a great way to get them to your website and of increasing awareness of your brand. We can write one-off blog posts or work with you on a longer term basis to write content for a regualrly updated blog.

Content Creation to Promote Your Business

Google and other search engines use complicated algorithms to decide in what order to rank websites. There is no magic bullet or quick fix to get your site to the top, no what matter some SEO agencies will tell you. The best, and most proven strategy is to curate your website with informative, interesting content that users will seek-out, read, look at, watch, and even share. Writing page after page filled with keywords is no longer good practice. You need content that is useful, that answers a question or tells the reader something that they didn’t already know. Whatever sector your business is in, there is scope to add purpose written content to your website that will not only help with search engine ranking over time, but will also have a positive impact on your brand reputation.

It has become second-nature to turn to your preferred search engine and ask it a question, either by voice or typing. We expect the top results to answer those questions quickly and correctly. People ask questions about anything and everything, and some of those questions will be directly or indirectly related to your area of business or expertise. By curating content for your website that answers those questions you are building your brand reputation, and when that person is ready to take the next step and commit to using your product/service it may well be you they choose to do business with, due to the good impression they received of your brand via their previous interactions.

Types of Content Available

Many businesses use blogs to add to content, and this is a fantastic strategy. A blog can cover multitudes of areas and allow you to have different categories where you can post content relating to different areas of your business. As a service company you may prefer the content on your website to be in the form of case studies or a portfolio to highlight actual work you have done, and show-off the high-standards of your company. Case studies can be stand-alone or even form part of a wider blog structure. You could opt instead of, or as well as, for a news feed. Posting regular updates about what is happening in your business or industry is a great way of keeping your website fresh, and showing potential clients that you are busy and doing a fantastic job.

Every website and every business will have different content requirements depending on the industry that they are in, the customers that they are targeting and the geographic reach involved. As a busy business owner we understand that content creation may not be your top priority, and that is where we excel. Reach out to us today, we can help you curate bespoke content for your existing site or pair our content writing service with one of other services, such as a new website design or our social media management packages, for even better results.