Website Maintenance

We offer a range of website maintenance packages for businesses of all sizes. From security updates to ongoing web development tasks we can take care of your website. A website needs to be regularly monitored for updates; and of course as your business grows the requirements of your website might change. There’s no need to struggle on with a website that no longer meets your needs or poor functionality, we can help you keep your website online and performing perfectly. Let us create a bespoke maintenance package to meet the needs of your business.

Security Updates & Monitoring

Maintaining website security is of paramount importance. We can monitor your site and perform all security updates, taking the hassle away from you.

Platform & Plugin Updates

WordPress and the plugins used on your website require updating regularly, both for performance and security. We can take care of these as part of our maintenance packages.

Ongoing Web Development

Do you need new features adding to your website? Or want to change some elements? We can take care of all your WordPress website development needs.

Backup Management

As part of all our maintenance packages we will regularly backup your website. This ensures that your site can easily be restored in the event of any problems occuring.

Web Maintenance Services Staffordshire

Based in Stone, Staffordshire, we are ideally placed in the Midlands to offer website maintenance services, both in our local area and across the United Kingdom. We primarily work with WordPress websites; but if you have a site based on another platform contact us, and we may also be able to help you with updates, security and development tasks. 

All websites need regular maintenance, particularly from the threat of security breaches. The best way to keep your website secure for your users it to keep it updated. With packages available to suit businesses of all sizes we can take care of security, upgrades, backups and website development tasks that you require.

Website Services for Small Business

Small businesses often struggle the most with website maintenance. Without a large budget for web maintenance services, small business is often priced out of regular support packages. As a sole trader or partnership. you may not have the skills, confidence or time required to perform regular website maintenance – so let us take the strain. Our great value packages aimed at small companies can ensure that your website stays online; we will maintain security, keep the platform and plugins updated, and perform regular backups. 

Maintaining your website is a must both for security and user experience. In addition to performing vital updates we offer great value website development at hourly rates or as part of a package. Development budget enables you to add additional features to your website. You may also be interested in boosting the visibility of your website in search engines to bring in more traffic, if that is the case take a look at the SEO services that can be bundled in with your maintenance package for even better value. 

Maintenance and Development Packages for Websites

We can create bespoke website maintenance packages to suit the needs of your business and website. Whether you want us to take care of monitoring security and relevant updates, or you want to hand over all website maintenance we can help you.  If you are interested in adding new features or making changes to your existing website, we offer a full web development service that you can use on an ad-hoc basis or as part of your chosen package. If you are interested in having a new website designed, we offer a full in-house web design service that you may be interested in.  

Call us today to discuss the website maintenance needs of your business. We can tailor a maintenance package to your needs and budget requirements.  We care about your business as much as you do, so contact us today, and let us help you to keep your website online and working perfectly.